In The Name Of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful
Peace And Blessings Be Upon Muhammad And His Pure Immaculate Family

Man is naturally civilized and cannot dispense with, isolate himself from, or fall behind others. As soon as he secludes himself, he feels loneliness, alienation, and disability to face the vicissitudes of time. Man is one of the elements of social construction; therefore, he is attracted by various relations, such as belief, friendship, education, profession, and the like. Such social correlation necessitates a constitution that regulates the individuals’ lives, strengthens the ties, and achieves justice through social and individual rights and obligations. By achieving so, a society becomes prosperous. But if such constitution is neglected, it becomes miserable.

Through its various reformative miracles, the Islamic Sharia has provided a constructive moral constitution that regulates the lives of individuals and societies so completely. On that account, it is essential for every Muslim to derive from that constitution so as to realize his rights and obligations and work for applying it to his conducts. Thus, he becomes a good example of ideal behavior.

All these goals have prompted me to write this book and plan for its concepts in the light of the holy Quran and the ethics of the Ahlul-Bayt (a). I will refer to a group of the most significant rights that play big roles in the societies and individuals, beginning with the rights of the Lord, the Prophet (S), the Sinless Imams (a), the scholars, teachers, students, parents, sons, spouses, relatives, and the other social rights that the reader will notice in the book.