The Publisher’s Word

Great personalities contribute strongly to the formation of perfect characters through their model conducts and high standards. For this reason it has been important to introduce such characters to seekers of perfection so that they will become acquainted with the qualifications that authorize such characters to attain perfection and become cynosures of humankind.

Ansariyan Publications is pleased to introduce this book to the gentle readers, as one that deals with the personality of one of the heroes of Islam and the exemplary man whose sacrifices, ideals, and high moral standards took humanity many steps onwards. This perfect personality is of al-’Abbas ibn ‘Ali upon whom the Imams (a) conferred the finest words of praise and laudation.

In this book, the reader will find chapters covering the whole life account of al-’Abbas in addition to a brief presentation of the historical circumstances that led him to be on the top in the list of the heroes of humanity in general and Islam in particular.

Undertaking the mission of the propagation for Islam, the team of Ansariyan Publications beseeches the all-benefactor Lord to grant them the ability to present other similar books dealing with other ideal personalities that contributed to elevating the Islamic spirit to levels befitting its perfection.

Thus, in the near future, the dear readers will have in possession similar books about other personalities.

Finally, we hope this book will add new knowledge and contribute, to an extent, in leading towards human perfection.

Ansariyan Publications, 2001