Foreword by the Author

Stories provide a better means of communicating ideas than simple text without examples. This is also the Qur’anic style of teaching divine values and high human qualities. I was inspired by Martyr Bint al Huda (r) to write the stories for the present book.

The stories presented in this small book illustrate a human role model in the form of a spiritual teacher ‘Seyyid’, who provides spiritual and ethical guidance and inspiration and affects the life of several young students and people who attend his lectures. His lectures focus on common ethical and ideological topics that are suited to the needs of young students. He also practically guides students and helps people. Different ways to carry out a sincere action is the main message of these stories.

It is hoped that these stories will be useful for the instructors of ethics and for Sunday schools as well as for the college and university students.

Ghulam Habib