Professional Career

‘Respected Seyyid, thanks for everything you have done for my marriage arrangement. We will come in time insha’Allah before maghrib. My family will take care of necessary work for today’s ceremony. I have also requested friends to be here before time. You have already done a lot and I will not be happy if you are troubled more than this,’ said Husayn. Seyyid as usual smiled. ‘You should leave now for preparations,’ he said. Husayn said goodbye and left.

Husayn was getting married to Shareef’s sister, Amina. Both had become doctors and it was Seyyid who had made the choice and proposed from both the sides and united the families. They were very happy with the way Seyyid set the scene for them and proceeded with marriage proposal. Seyyid’s wife was equally involved in it. Husayn’s mother was very happy and thanked Seyyid as he fulfilled his promise of finding a suitable bride for Husayn. Shareef’s family was very well-educated and all his brothers and sisters were brought up to be very well mannered and religious. Seyyid specially wanted both of them to serve the society in the best possible manner as doctors.

At maghrib, all were present and in Seyyid’s home yard the seats were arranged for the guests. After prayers, Seyyid informed everyone that today we will have a short regular lecture on nifaq or hypocrisy and then, we will have nikah with a short talk on the life of Imam Ali (as) and Hazrat Fatima (sa) and then dinner will be served.

In his lecture, Seyyid explained the two basic types of hypocrisy, verbal and behavioral. He also talked briefly about its signs and devastating effects on a person. ‘Usually, a hypocrite has very high social and verbal communication skills. This is because he is an intelligent liar and adapts himself behaviorally with the environment and people against whom he practices hypocrisy. One can fall into the trap of a hypocrite easily. An intelligent mu’min should analyze the difference between words and actions of a person to detect hypocrisy,’ he said.

He ended his lecture with the hadith of prophet (swas): ‘Three signs when found in anyone makes him a hypocrite even though he fasts and offers prayers and thinks that he is a Muslim: When he is trusted, he is dishonest, when he talks, he lies, and when he makes a promise, he breaks it.’ He then prayed to God to bless them with an insight of ourselves and protect us from this deadly disease.

After that, he gave a short talk on husband and wife relations and presented Imam Ali (as) and Hazrat Fatima (sa) as perfect role models. He emphasized: ‘This relationship is based on respect, care and mutual understanding and keeping in sight the aims of family life according to the divine view. This becomes more important in the time of difficulty and stress. The reason for so many problems with marriage in Western society is because marriage has lost its divine aspect and husband and wife behave as partners and friends and not as believers, parents, helpers of each other for a divine cause and for worshipping God and for serving society. Training well-mannered children and imparting knowledge to them and providing them with good education is a great service to society.’ After that, he recited the nikah and then prayed for the new family and then they had food together. Finally, everyone left and at the end Husayn’s and Shareef’s families thanked Seyyid and they left too. Seyyid thanked God for yet another blessing.

After a few weeks, Husayn called Seyyid and requested his permission for a short meeting. ‘My wife and I want your advice on an important matter which is related to our professional careers,’ said Husayn. Seyyid asked him to come at 3 pm, when no one was usually present in the yard of the house. They arrived with some sweets for Seyyid and then Husayn said: ‘Respected Seyyid, as you know me and Amina want to specialize in surgery so that we can treat wounded patients. We are almost ready for residency entrance exam for going to USA. However, due to current situation of the region, we want to serve the poor and displaced people living in refugee camps for a year and then go to USA. After five years, we will return and serve our own society as you have taught us. During this one year, it will be possible for us to come here for a few days every four months and then go back.’ Seyyid listened attentively and then said: ‘God bless you. The plan seems good. You can even go now for your surgery specialization and then go to the hospitals in refugee camps to serve the displaced people.’

Husayn said that he and his wife wanted to taste the difficulty of serving in refugee camps at the prime of their specialization career so that they would always remember it. Seyyid smiled: ‘So you want to have a memorable experience. Will your family allow both of you to go like that?’ Husayn and Amina said that the difficulty lies here. ‘We don’t want to inform anyone about it. We can give our residency entrance exam, get the admission and visa and then go to serve the poor people for one year and then start training. So if someone asks us where are going, we can say that we are leaving for USA for specialization,’ said Amina. Seyyid smiled and said: ‘No, don’t do that because if your families come to know of it, they will be unhappy. But you can hide it from other people. Don’t worry, I will talk to your parents and get their approval, Insha’Allah.’ They both agreed to keep it a secret and thanked Seyyid and then left.

Seyyid then made a few phone calls to the parents of Husayn and Amina. They also came to see him.

Husayn and Amina got busy with exam preparations and getting their paper work done for serving in the refugee camps through an international NGO. Few days later, Husayn and Amina got a phone call from Seyyid. After Salams he asked both of them to come to his house and informed them that their parents were also coming. Both Husayn and Amina had fears that their parents were probably not happy with their plan....

They all met at Seyyid’s house and then Seyyid and his wife served them with tea and snacks. Finally, Seyyid gave a surprise to Husayn and Amina: ‘So both of you thought that your parents will not approve of your secret plan. In fact, they were very happy that masha’Allah, their kids have such high ambitions to serve the poor and displaced people, most of whom are women and children. I was also impressed by your parents for their approval. May Allah bless all of you.’ The parents thanked Seyyid, Husayn’s mother particularly thanked Seyyid for his education and training to all of them that changed their lives and also the lives of their kids. ‘It’s all your training Seyyid, otherwise we all know this was not possible,’ she said. Seyyid immediately showed his slight displeasure and said: ‘It’s all God’s grace upon us. He provides us both with opportunity and strength. We are nothing.’ Finally, with the prayers of Seyyid they got up to leave. Husayn said to Seyyid that he will come with Amina to see him before leaving.

It was close to maghrib time and Husayn and Amina came to meet Seyyid. Some other students were also sitting. Seyyid welcomed them. After a few minutes, Husayn said: ‘Respected Seyyid alhamdolillah, we have passed our residency exams to specialize in surgery in USA and we are planning to leave for abroad insha’Allah tonight.’ Seyyid was very happy to hear that. Everyone in the gathering thought that Husayn and his wife were leaving for USA. Seyyid then prayed for them. ‘When will you come back?’ Seyyid asked him. ‘After about a year, during the break; if it was possible, we may even come after four or eight months. It depends on our situation and load of work,’ replied Husayn. Seyyid smiled and prayed for them and asked them to give sadaqa before leaving. ‘Keep me informed via mobile,’ he said. After they left, Seyyid thanked God for another good work.