‘But Seyyid how is it possible? My son left three months ago on a scholarship from the Brilliant Trust to do his PhD abroad. You are aware of it. They took his interview on Skype. They gave him the scholarship money for the first year. And today, when I met the director of Brilliant Trust for the first time, he told me that my son was never interviewed by him. They don’t have any record of him in their system. He has never received any money from them. Then who has paid him the scholarship money Seyyid?’ said Rafiq’s father. He was one of the attendees of Seyyid’s lecture and his son was among the top students of the university in his MD exam. He then applied for PhD in Applied Nanotechnology and secured a 4 year scholarship from Brilliant Trust. Seyyid knew Rafiq very well as he used to come to his lectures and was friendly with almost all of the other students who used to come to Seyyid’s lectures.

Seyyid suggested a simple solution. ‘Ask your son the bank account from which money was transferred to his account. Then you will know who the person is.’ Rafiq’s father replied that his son and he himself had a joint local bank account and the scholarship money was deposited in that account. When he went to USA, he opened a bank account there and then this money was then transferred to his new account there. The amount was 1500 dollars per month and for one year, which means the total money is 18000 dollars. ‘I have already informed Rafiq about this new discovery just now through my mobile. Tomorrow morning, I will go to the bank to find out the account number from where the money was deposited to our account three months ago. I am worried about the coming year. What if the person who has done doesn’t deposit the money again, what will happen to my son’s studies? That’s why I have asked Rafiq to be frugal from now on and save some money.’ Seyyid smiled and said that he should not worry, God will help. ‘A person who has done this for the first time will definitely do it again,’ he said calmly.

Next day, Rafiq’s father went to the bank and met the bank manager and explained to him the situation and requested him to give the account details and the name of the account holder. The manager asked the relevant section to proceed with the request. However, he informed him that according to the bank rules, he was not authorized to give details of the customers or depositors. Anyway, after a few minutes, the manager looked at the file provided to him by the deposit section that someone deposited cash in dollars to their account three months ago. That person has written his name, mobile number and address as per requirements. ‘I am sure that this person has provided incorrect information about himself. He wishes to keep himself unknown and wants to help your son’s studies in this way. I am also sure that next time he will not come to this bank. He will probably use another method to give the scholarship money to your son. As you know, there are many ways to anonymously transfer money to a bank account. He can even open an account in my branch and legally put a restriction on us not to disclose his identity. If he knows the name and account number of your son there, he can also open an online bank account in any country and transfer money to your son and close the account after that,’ he explained. Rafiq’s father thanked him and left the bank.

At dhuhr prayers the next day, he was talking to Seyyid about it and a few of Seyyid’s students and others were listening and were surprised. ‘Does your son have any close friend whom you think could have done it?’ asked Shareef. ‘No, all his friends are same; maybe someone else has done this great act of goodness. Almost all of his friends come here in Seyyid’s lectures and are aware of this situation as Rafiq is writing to all of them about this new sponsor of scholarship,’ replied his father. Seyyid was quietly watching the faces of his students and also listening to the conversation going on. He then said to Rafiq’s father: ‘How was Rafiq informed of the scholarship scheme for the first time? Did the Brilliant Trust call him or send an email or did he recieve a letter or see the ad in the newspaper?’ Rafiq’s father replied: ‘As far as I remember, it was an ad in the newspaper that Rafiq saw and showed me and then he applied for the scholarship and sent the required documents by post to them. Then they did a Skype interview with him and after about four weeks, he got a letter by post that he had been accepted for the scholarship. Although they told him that the results will be announced in two weeks but it took four weeks for the letter.’ Seyyid then inquired about who knew in the family or friends of Rafiq about this scholarship and his application. ‘As you know Seyyid, Rafiq is very social. I am sure he informed all of his friends about it.’ Seyyid then asked him to bring all the letters from Brilliant Trust, especially the last letter of acceptance sent to him.

After two days, Rafiq’s father brought the letters at dhuhr prayers. Some students were very curious about this issue and were sitting near Seyyid. Then Seyyid saw the three letters and after a few minutes, he said that the logo of Brilliant Trust and the quality of letterhead paper were a bit different in the last letter. ‘This means that someone else wrote this letter to Rafiq, not the Brilliant Trust. This also means that the person who has done this was aware that the Brilliant Trust didn’t reply to Rafiq in two weeks and so he then wrote the letter. He must be close to Rafiq or that Rafiq was informing him about the progress of his scholarship application every few days,’ he said. ‘Maybe you can go to the address of the sender. However, I think it is a fake address. The person who has done it is very smart, I am sure,’ suggested Seyyid. ‘Maybe you can see the post office from where this was mailed and then see whose house is closer. But I still think that the person who has done this must have gone to a remote area and mailed the letter,’ Seyyid concluded. Everyone was surprised at Seyyid’s analysis and impressed by his interpretation and the ideas he had put forth. Rafiq’s father requested everyone to recite a salawat for that person. Seyyid requested everyone to pray for such a noble person.

Qamar was away on a business trip abroad for the last few weeks. He returned and on Saturday, he went to Seyyid’s house before maghrib and sat with him. He told him about his new business responsibilities after his father passed away and sought Seyyid’s advice. Although he was in touch with Seyyid via his mobile but seeing him was a pleasure and brought serenity to his heart. He used to tell his friends, ‘Seyyid has antidepressant effect on me.’ He requested Seyyid to pray for him that the wealth he has inherited from his father doesn’t affect his heart and take him towards worldly attraction and extravagance. Seyyid told him to have a simple life style and always spend more in the way of God and helping people. ‘Give more sadaqa, hidden, without informing anyone. Insha’Allah you will be safe,’ said Seyyid. After that Seyyid informed him about Rafiq’s scholarship and the unknown sponsor.

Qamar told Seyyid that he was aware of it as Rafiq is in touch with him and also others. ‘Do you have any guess, who could have done this good action?’ asked Seyyid while looking at his face. Qamar replied confidently: ‘Seyyid you know very well that after my father’s death, may God bless him, I have been irregular in my attendance to your lectures and have been rarely in touch with any friends. We are only connected via mobile.’ But Seyyid inquired again: ‘So you are not the person who is supporting Rafiq’s studies, right?’ Qamar replied: ‘Esteemed Seyyid, I was not even in the country when someone wrote that letter to Rafiq. How can I be present here and there at the same time?’ Seyyid then realized that Qamar is smart in responding and so he didn’t ask any further questions. He only smiled and then said that this person seems to be very close to Rafiq. ‘May God bless him and protect his good deed and make him one of the abrar,’ he prayed. Qamar’s face was expressionless and he also prayed with Seyyid.