Surprise Donation

Ibrahim’s mother was worried about her son’s unexpected picnic trip. She was not happy as there was an emergency in their family. ‘How long will it take son? When will you return?’ asked his mother. ‘You know that Salim is in hospital, his kidneys have failed. They are our first degree relatives, he is your uncle’s son and you should be with Salim, he is your first cousin. Remember what Seyyid said a few days ago in his lecture about keeping good relations with your near relatives. I will complain to Seyyid about your irresponsible behavior,’ his mother continued.

Ibrahim replied that he was only going for four weeks and he will keep in touch with Salim on phone. ‘Mother, you know these are summer holidays after my annual exams and this is the only time I have to enjoy and take some rest,’ he continued. He then promised his mother that he will call Salim daily. He tried very hard to convince her and make his mother happy until she finally gave him permission.

Ibrahim’s father was supportive of his trip and he dropped him to the airport. He knew that his son is a grown up person and that his university education is tough enough to make him exhausted after exams. They were a rich family and had very close relations with his brother, Salim’s father. Unfortunately, few days back, Salim got sick and was admitted to hospital. His medical tests showed that both of his kidneys had failed to function. Day before yesterday, the doctors recommended transplantation of healthy kidney from a matched donor in the family. While saying goodbye at the airport, Ibrahim’s father asked him to call Salim and his parents as they were close family relatives and they had always helped them. Ibrahim promised to do so.

He then said to his father that Seyyid loved him very much and he was close to him and he didn’t want Seyyid to be unhappy with him. ‘Pappa, as mother may complain to Seyyid about my trip at this time, I request you to tell Seyyid that after exams, I needed rest and this is important for my health too. Seyyid has also told us in his lectures that God loves those who take care of themselves in all aspects of their lives and will ask about how one took care of his body and health in this world.’ His father promised to tell Seyyid about it. Ibrahim left for his picnic trip….

Dr. Sajjadi, famous kidney transplantation surgeon, said that they cannot perform kidney donation match tests on two brothers of Salim as they were too young for it. Salim’s father had heart disease and so he too was not a candidate. Salim’s mother had diabetes. The family was in real trouble. Ibrahim’s father and mother went and gave their blood for possible kidney donation. Ibrahim’s sister was married and since she had a young son, she was not a suitable candidate. Ibrahim’s own brother was too young and Dr. Sajjadi, despite much insistence from his father refused to take sample. They were looking for donation from other family members.

Ibrahim’s father went to see Seyyid and explained the situation of Salim and his family. He requested Seyyid to pray and announce at the Saturday gathering if anyone wishes to donate kidney. He said whatever amount the person wants, he will pay for it. Seyyid promised to inform those who will attend the lecture on the coming Saturday. Ibrahim’s father also informed Seyyid about his son’s trip to the north of the country after exams. Seyyid smiled and said: ‘Don’t worry, I know Ibrahim very well.’

On Saturday evening after his lecture, Seyyid announced that Salim needed a kidney to save his life and if anyone wishes to donate, they can contact Ibrahim’s father. He asked them to recite a salawat for him and to pray for his health and recovery. Everyone present in Seyyid’s lecture was moved to hear this news and they wanted to help in whatever way possible. Seyyid provided the contact details of Ibrahim’s father after lecture.

Next day, about 30 individuals went to the hospital, met Ibrahim’s father and then contacted Dr. Sajjadi’s office. Most of them were young. These included 11 students who were close to Seyyid. They all had their medical checkup and general medical tests. After that, their samples for kidney match were taken. Dr. Sajjadi told Ibrahim’s father that it will take about 7 days for the samples to be matched and get the final results. However, he said, the best match comes from the nearest family member and it guarantees long viability and less rejection of the donated kidney.

Ibrahim was calling Salim and his family every night and asking about his health. They informed him of the announcement made by Seyyid and that 30 persons gave their samples for donation of their kidney. Ibrahim’s father asked him about the trip and he told that the mountains were beautiful in summer and he was enjoying his trip. His mother told him to shorten his trip and come back if he can. Ibrahim told her that he will try his best.

Five days later, Salim’s father received a call from Dr. Sajjadi’s office that he should come immediately. They have good news for him. When he reached hospital, he was informed that the hospital’s branch in another big city that has sophisticated techniques for faster and more accurate matching for tissue samples have received an anonymous kidney donation for Salim. This sample is very close to the Salim’s body tissue for donation acceptance. ‘How much is the cost asked by the anonymous donor?’ asked Salim’s father. Dr. Sajjadi’s secretary replied that the donation was free. ‘This is common practice. Many people give free donations of their kidneys. The donated kidney will be here in the next few hours. We will only charge you the cost of transportation.’

Upon hearing this news, both families became happy and thanked God as well as the anonymous donor. Salim’s father went to Dr. Sajjadi’s office again that evening and asked about the identity of the donor. He was told that this is not possible because this information is with the other branch of the hospital that had sent the kidney and they probably know. He took the contact number of the public relations office of the hospital in another city from where the donation had come. However, he was told that it was not possible as the donor wants to remain anonymous and has put a legal restriction. If the physician who operated upon the donor disclosed his name, the donor can legally sue him as well as the hospital in the court of law for the breach of confidentiality.

Ibrahim’s mother was particularly happy that Salim’s life will be saved. She called Ibrahim that night. ‘My son, God has saved Salim’s life. A servant of God has given a kidney donation. I wish you were here with us. He will be operated tomorrow evening, try to come back if you can.’ Salim replied: ‘Thank God. Salim is saved. I will call him in a few minutes. Mother it is so beautiful here. I wish all of you were here with me now.’ Ibrahim’s mother instinctively asked why his voice appeared weak and frail. ‘Are you normal?’ she asked. He replied that he was normal. ‘The weather is different here so that might have affected my throat,’ replied Ibrahim. His mother thanked God that her son had no major problem.

Salim’s surgery was successful. He was back home within ten days after surgery and started a near normal life. Seyyid was informed about the whole story of anonymous donation and successful surgery by Ibrahim’s father and he too was happy and informed everyone after his lecture of the good deed done by the anonymous donor. Everyone prayed for Salim’s health.

Ibrahim returned from his successful and enjoyable picnic trip after one month. All the family members including his uncle and aunt went to the airport to welcome him. When they saw him, they were surprised that he appeared a bit slim. When asked about the reason, Ibrahim replied that he did a lot of mountain climbing during one month and ate natural food. ‘I lost 8 kg,’ said Ibrahim. ‘Masha’Allah my son is healthier now,’ said Ibrahim’s mother. Ibrahim apologized to his uncle and aunt for his absence. They said that there was no need for it as they were aware of his difficult studies and hard work at the university and that he has a bright career ahead of him for which his must work hard. He immediately went to Salim’s home and met him.

They both met as if they had been away for years. Salim was a bit unhappy with him that he didn’t stay while he was undergoing difficult time with his kidney failure and surgery. ‘You were enjoying the trip in north while I was having difficult time here,’ said Salim. Ibrahim first apologized to him and asked Salim to forgive him. Then he said that it was necessary for him to take rest. ‘You know how difficult my studies are. You are usually doing business with your father while I have to study hard to make my career.’ ‘You are right, brother. Both of us had a test from God,’ said Salim. He was highly praising the great unknown donor and that he didn’t charge any money for his donation. Ibrahim said may God bless him. Ibrahim then said that he will give a dinner at Seyyid’s house after his Saturday lecture to compensate for his absence. Salim was overjoyed and thanked him. All the family members appreciated that Ibrahim kept his friendship and they all were very happy.

Next Saturday, all the family members were present at Seyyid’s house and they attended maghrib prayers and then his lecture. Before lecture, Seyyid told everyone about the dinner that it was from Ibrahim to compensate for his absence during his cousin Salim’s sickness and surgery. He then said that silaye rahmi (keeping good relations with near relatives) is a very important obligation for all Muslims. ‘It makes one live longer and happier and increases one’s sustenance,’ he said. He then praised Salim for forgiving Ibrahim and Ibrahim for compensating his absence.

Then all of them attended lecture on enjoining good and forbidding evil in a modern society. ‘Without enjoining good and forbidding evil, a society can never be healthy. It is the most valuable and the most difficult task as it puts a person’s prestige at stake and sometimes can take a person’s life. One has to be very smart to enjoin good and forbid evil as there are several ways to do it and at every place, a different style has to be adopted depending upon the situation. A lot of people do not enjoin good and do not forbid evil things, practices, norms and actions in the society because they think this is not their duty. This is a serious error. Without it, the society slowly becomes corrupted until it becomes a normal culture of the society,’ he said. Seyyid also talked about various modern techniques and tools to promote good and forbid evil. ‘Every person has to enjoin good and forbid according to the level of status, education, respect and authority he has’, he said. After his lecture, they had dinner. Seyyid was with the families of Salim and Ibrahim and he was closely watching Ibrahim.

After most of the family members and attendees had left, Seyyid called Ibrahim. ‘How are you dear Ibrahim? You look a bit weaker. Was your health okay during the trip?’ Ibrahim said that he was normal and that he did some exercise and ate a lot of natural food there. ‘As you know Seyyid, when we, who live in the city here, go to a place at a higher altitude in the mountains, the weather and food are different and it affects our health too. In the beginning, I felt a bit weaker but then I did mountain climbing and enjoyed life. I thanked God for all the good things,’ said Ibrahim. Seyyid asked him a direct question: ‘Are you hiding anything from me?’ Ibrahim smiled with a surprise and said: ‘Seyyid, you are my dear and respected teacher. Why should I hide when God knows everything?’ Seyyid smiled back at his intelligent reply and prayed for him.

They all left saying thanks and goodbye to Seyyid.