Twenty Eighth Assembly

Met on Monday, 9th night of the month of Ramadhan in the year 409 Hijrah, heard by Abul Fawaris. Our grand Sheikh, al-Mufid Abu Abdillah Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn al-Nu’man - may Allah perpetuate His providence to him, narrated.

1. Three Great Sins

He said: Abu Fahs Umar ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Ali al-Zayyat reported to me from Ubaidullah ibn Ja'far ibn Muhammad ibn A'ayan, who reported from Mas'ar ibn Yahya al-Nahdiy, who reported from Sharik ibn Abdillah al-Qadhi, who reported from Abu Ishaq al-Hamdaniy, from his father, from Amirul Mu’mineen, ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib, peace be upon him, that:

The Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, said: "Three sins lead to immediate punishment and are not deferred till hereafter:- incurring displeasure of the parents, tyranny over the people, and denying the divine bounties (by abusing them)."

2. Humility of al-Najashi

He said: Abul Husayn Ahmad ibn al-Husayn ibn Usamah al-Basriy has allowed me to narrate that Ubaidullah ibn Muhammad al-Wasitiy reported form Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Yahya, who reported from Harun ibn Muslim ibn Sa'dan, who reported from Mas'adah ibn Sadaqah, who reported from Ja'far ibn Muhammad, from his father, peace be upon them all, that:

Al-Najashi, the king of Abyssinia, sent for Ja'far ibn Abu Talib and his companions. When they called upon him, they saw him sitting on the dusty ground, wearing old clothes. Ja'far ibn Abu Talib said that when we saw him in that condition, we were taken by fear. But, upon sensing our concern and the change of colour in our faces, he said: "Praise be to Allah, Who helped Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny, and thus cooled and comforted my eyes!

May I not give you good tidings?" I said: "Yes, O king." He said: "Just now, one of my informers in your lands has come to inform me that Allah helped His Prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny, and destroyed his enemy. And so-and-so has been taken prisoner and so-and-so has been killed. They had confronted each other at a place called Badr. As if I see him the way I used to tend my master's cattle there, who was from Banu Zamrah."

So Ja'far said to him: "O benign king! Why do I see you sit on the dust wearing the old attire?"
He said: "O Ja'far, we read in what has been revealed to Isa, may Allah bless him, that it is Allah's right over His servants that whenever He bestows a bounty upon them, they should show humility. So when Allah blessed Muhammad, His Prophet with the bounty, I profferred this humility before Him."

He said: When the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, learnt about this, he said to his companions: "Giving away in charity and alms increases the wealth of its owner, so give alms, may Allah have mercy on you. And humility elevates and enhances the stature of the one who adopts it, so be humble, may Allah elevate you. And to be forgiving increases the honour of the forgiver. So be forgiving, that Allah may bless you with honour."

3. The Dua invoked by Imam Zainul Abedeen (as)

He said: Abul Hasan Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn al-Hasan ibn al-Walid reported to me from his father, who reported from Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Saffar, from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Isa, from Harun ibn Muslim from Mas'adah ibn Sadaqah who said:

I requested Abu Abdillah Ja'far ibn Muhammad, peace be upon him to teach me prayers which I should invoke in crucial moments. He brought forth for me some pages from an old book and said: "Make a copy of what is in there, for it is a prayer of my grandfather, ‘Ali ibn al-Husayn, Zainul Abedeen, may peace be upon him, for crucial moments." So I copied it down and whenever I felt distressed or landed in crisis, I invoked that prayer. Allah relieved me of my worry and removed my sorrow and affliction and granted my need. It is:-

"O Allah! You guided me, but I was diverted by delusion,
You admonished me, but my heart was hardened,
You blessed me with the best, but I transgressed,
You taught but I persisted in ignorance,

Then I realized and sought forgiveness and You pardoned,
Then I repeated the sin, and You covered it.
So, all praise and thanks to You, O my Lord!
I have rushed into the valleys of my destruction
and I have paved the ways to my ruin,

So, in it, I am exposed to Your wrath,
and by entering there, to Your chastisement.
And my only means to Your pleasure is my faith in Your Oneness.
And that I never associate any partner to You,
nor did I adopt any god beside You,
I flee unto You from my self,
and unto You do the sinners flee!

And You are the refuge for one who has ruined his fortune!
So all praise and thanks are to You, O my Lord!
How, many enemies had unsheathed their swords
of hostility against me, and sharpened their blades for me?
And mixed potions with deadly poisons to kill me,
and whetted for me its keen edge.
Aiming at me his unfailing arrows!

The enemy's vigilant eyes never ceases to watch me,
hiding in his bosom his willful desire to harm me,
and to feed me with the distasteful potion!
But you saw my weakness against the unbearable adversity,
and my inability to defend against the one who intended to fight me,
and my loneliness in the midst of numerous adversaries,
who had planned such misery against me, of which I had not imagined!

So, You initiated with Your help,
and You affirmed my strength with Your power.
Then You blunted his sharp blade and made him alone
in spite of the multitude.
And You raised me above him,
Then You caused his own plan to turn against him,
You repelled him, but that did not quench his thirst for revenge,
nor did it dampen the heat of his anger!

He bit his hands and retreated, alone and deserted.
And many a despot wronged me with his intrigue,
setting up for me the traps to catch his victims,
and appointing agents to investigate and watch me,
hiding himself the way wild animals hide for their prey,
waiting patiently for an opportunity to pounce.

Then I called upon You, O my Lord, appealing for Your help,
with certainty about Your quick response,
and the knowledge that whoever seeks refuge under Your
shelter, will not be wronged;
and whoever seeks refuge in Your bastions
will have no fear.

So You fortified me with Your might, against his evil.
And many an evil cloud You have dispersed,
and many an overwhelming suffering You have relieved,
You are not questioned about Your acts!
But You were asked and You granted,
and (even if) You were not asked, You initiated!
And Your bounty was sought and You never turned it down.

You have ordained nothing but good,
while I have persisted in breaking through Your injunctions,
trespassing the limits set by You and being heedless to Your

So all praise and thanks to You, O my Lord, the Mighty,
Who cannot be overcome and, the Patient Who has no hurry.
This indeed is the place for one to confess ones default,
and to testify against oneself its ruination.
O Allah! I seek nearness to You through the

Elevated stature of Muhammad,
And I turn my face sincerely unto You, through the
shining brightness of ‘Ali,
Grant me refuge from evil of that You have created,
and from evil of the one who has ill intentions against me,
For that does not straiten Your might,
and does not make it difficult for You in Your power.
And You have power over all things.

O Allah! bestow upon me Your grace by enabling me to
avoid all sins, for as long as You allow me to live!
And have mercy on me by warding off such burden
from me, which do not benefit me!

And bless me with an insight into such acts which please You,
and let my heart guard Your Book, just as You have
taught it to me, and make me recite it the way You may
be pleased with me.
Let the Book give light to my eyes and let my ears hear
it attentively.
And open up my chest by the Book and gladden by it my heart,
and grant me free speech by it, use my body in its service,
and grant me from Your might and power that which would
make it easy for me to do so.

Surely, there is no might or power except by You.
O Allah! let my night and day, my life and hereafter,
my return and my abode, be free from all ills and
evils, coupled with pardon and blessings from You.
O Allah! You are my Sustainer, my Lord, my Master, my Hope,
my God, my Succour, my Support, my Creator, my Helper, my Trustee and my Expectation.

My life and my death is for You,
And so is my ear and eye!
My sustenance is from You,
and all my affairs of this world and hereafter repair to You!
You owned me by Your Might
and controlled me with Your authority,
You only have the power in all my affairs,
My forelock is in Your hands,
None can intervene without Your consent.

Because of Your compassion, I hope for Your mercy,
And through Your mercy I hope for Your pleasure,
And I do not expect that because of my deeds,
For my deeds have frustrated me, how can I expect
from that which has frustrated me?
I raise my complain to You about my poverty,
my weakness, my excesses, and all that comes about
from me and about all that You know more than I do,
So be my sufficient guard in all of them.

O Allah! make me among the companions of Your beloved Muhammad and Your friend Ibrahim;
And group me among those who are in peace
and security on the Day of great fear, so grant me security;
And bless me with Your glad tidings
And grant me shelter under Your dense shade

And save me from the chastisement of hellfire,
And do not subject me to evil nor to disgrace,
And deliver me from the temptations herein,
and accept my plea on the Day of Judgement,
and remind me of Your remembrance
and smooth my way for ease,
and keep me away from hardship,

and inspire me to pray and to pay alms as long as I live,
and help me in worshipping You,
and make me serve in the way of knowledge
and Your pleasure, and sustain me from Your beneficence,
and brighten my face on the Day of Judgement,
and grant me a lenient reckoning,
and do not put me to shame because of my ugly acts;
and guide me with Your guidance and make me hold firm to the Truth in this life and in the hereafter.
And endear to me that which You like
and make me abhor that which You dislike,
And be sufficient for me in all my worries, in this life and hereafter, and bless my prayers, my fasts, my supplications, my
sacrifice, my gratitude, my life here and in the next world;
and promote me to the chosen position,

And appoint me for me a strong helper;
And forgive my transgression, my ignorance and my
intemperance against my own soul.
And redeem me from the trials of life and death,
and save me from all abominations, open or hidden;
And group me on the Day of Judgement among Your friends,
and give permanence to all Your endowments conferred upon me, and grant me satisfaction from things which are lawful,
and make good things sufficient for me, rather than the bad ones.
And turn to me with Your graceful Face,
and do not turn it away from me!

And guide me unto Your straight path
and help me do things You like and approve.

O Allah! I seek refuge in You from doing or saying things
so as to attract admiration from others, and from
grandeur, glorification, conceit, pride and haughtiness
and from wantonness, vanity, self-esteem and arrogance,

So, O my Sustainer! save me from those,
And I seek refuge in You from incompetence and miserliness
and from avarice, jealousy, rivalry and fraud
And I seek refuge in You from greed, impurity, restlessness,
anxiety, corruption, wickedness and transgression.
And I seek refuge in You from dishonesty, hostility and despotism.
O my Sustainer! I seek refuge in You from the sins,
from breaking off the blood relations, from evils vulgarity
and misdeeds.

And I seek refuge in You from iniquities and sins,
from things forbidden and made unlawful, from bad things
and from all that does not please You.
And O my Sustainer! I seek refuge in You from the
evil of the Satan and his plans, his wrongs, his oppression,
his enmity, his snare, his patrons and his army.

And I seek refuge in You from the evil of all Your
creation; the animals, the pests or Jinn and humanbeings
and all that moves; and I seek Your protection from the evil of all that descends from the heaven, and all that ascends to it; and from the evil of all that is created in the earth, and that which grows from it;

And I seek refuge with You from every soothsayer, sorcerer and swindler; and also from those who (cheat and) blow into knotted reeds (for curses).

O my Sustainer, I seek refuge with You from the evil of every envious person, and from tyrant, oppressor, (ill-intentioned) rival, despot, transgressor and wrongful person;
And I flee unto You from blindness, deafness, dumbness, leprosy and from doubt and distrust; and I seek Your protection from sluggishness, from losing courage, inadequacy, remissness, (unnecessary) haste; and from being wasteful, negligent and procrastinating;

And I seek Your refuge from the evil of all that You have created in the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, and all that is under the earth.
O my Sustainer, I seek refuge with You from penury, (unfulfilled) want, privation, and from begging (from others) and being deprived or becoming a pauper;

And I seek Your protection from paucity and humiliation;
And I seek refuge with You from straitened circumstances, and hardships and from being confined or imprisoned, from being shackled or incarcerated, and from all such adversities and calamities with which I can put up. Amin, O Sustainer of the worlds.

O Allah, grant us all that we have asked for, and add to it with Your favour, measuring up with Your Mightiness and Greatness. (I ask) in Your name; there is no god but Allah, the Mighty and Wise.

4. A humbling- both ways

He said: Abul Hassan ‘Ali ibn Malik al-Nahwy reported to me from ‘Ali ibn Hamman, who reported from Fadhl ibn Sa'd, who reported from al-Riyashi, who reported from Muhammad ibn Sallam, who reported from Shurayh, the Qadhi that:

"Whoever takes his need to his fellow brother for fulfillment, he enslaves himself; if that brother fulfils his want, he frees him from the bondage, and if he does not, then he humiliates him. In fact, both have been humbles; the giver for not being able to oblige, and the beggar for having asked."

Then he recited the following verses.
"A man who has had to put the honour
of his face at stake, cannot be recompensed,
And how can he be recompensed, when
humility has caused him disgrace."

5. A Tree of Faith

He said: Abu Muhammad Abdullah ibn Muhammad al-Abhari reported to me from ‘Ali ibn Ahmad al-Sabah, who reported from Ibrahim ibn Abdullah ibn Abd al-Razaq, who reported from his uncle Abd al-Razaq ibn Hammam ibn Nafe, who reported from Hammam ibn Nafe, who reported from Meena, the client of Abd al-Rahman ibn Awf al-Zohari, who reported from Abd al-Rahman who said:

"O Meena, May I not relate to you what I heard from the messenger of Allah?" I said: "Yes." He said: "I heard him say: I am the tree, and Fatimah is its branch. ‘Ali fecundates it, and al-Hasan and al-Husayn are its fruits. And those of my Ummah who love them are the leaves of the tree. (May Allah shower them all with His pleasure)."

And may Allah bless out master Muhammad, the Prophet and his progeny.