Author’s Preface

Man, while striving to attain perfection and nearness to Allah, is need of an example and ideal, to follow his guide and tread his path. Otherwise it is infeasible for him to attain his final objective and aspired end, besides not reaching the apex of sublime humanity.

The best example, guide and ideal for all mankind, being the prophets and Infallible Imams and their acts, without whose teachings and precepts no one can get access to the shore of bliss. After them in order, come the scholars (‘ulama’), who followed their example, and who truly constitute the inheritors of prophets, being vivid examples for piety and submission to Allah the Glorified, turning to be good pattern for others in respect of guidance and preaching.

Hence, the Islamic Ummah is asked to recognize and be acquainted with those bright faces, and be enlightened by those illuminant beacons, who elevated the status of ‘ilm (knowledge) and ‘ulama’ (scholars), beside learning lessons and getting examples from their conduct (sirah).

So, this book tries to shed light upon one of those stars that shone in the world of Islam, undertaking a remarkable role during the Thirteenth Hijrah Century; being a dignitary that managed, through his broad dimensions, in abundantly contributing to the Islamic thought and heritage, represented by al-Mirza Abu al-Qasim al-Qummi.

Talking about such a great, versatile, comprehensive personality is not so easy, as the pen fails and stops short of covering some of his aspects and horizons.

Al-Qummi was an eminent ‘alim, laboring hard for God’s sake, the very incarnation of piety and asceticism, possessing all humane excellences, and the legend in uprightness and forbearance. It is preponderant for the contemporary generation - particularly the youth who constitute the real resource for Islamic nations - to be acquainted with this great man who is really a genius in Islamic thought and creed.