Letter 11

Thul-Qi’da 1329

I. Admiring Our Clear Texts

1) I have been honoured to receive your highly­esteemed letter which I found to be authentic in its mainstream, comprehensible. You have filled your bucket to the brim. The flood of your eloquence has surmounted the highest peaks. I have scrutinized your letter very carefully, and I have found you to be far in vision, firm, strong in argument, outspoken.

II. Wondering at Compromising Them With the Majority's Beliefs

2) Having deeply considered your argument and dug deep into your proofs, I found myself in a very dangerous situation: When I look into your proofs, I find them convincing. When I consider your explanations, I find them indicative. When I look at the Imams of the Purified ‘itra, I find Allah and His Messenger commending their status, highlighting its greatness and prestige.

Then when I look at the majorty of Muslims, who represent most of this nation, I find them differing from Ahl Al-Bayt, contrary to the obligation of those proofs. Now I find myself to be split in two parts: one part of me yielding to the proofs, while the other seeking refuge with the majority of Muslims. I have submitted the first to you to lead: it is tame in your hands, while the other has stubbornly rejected you.

III. Asking for Clear Signs from the Book

3) Could you please, therefore, overcome the latter's stubbornness with convincing proofs from the Book which could curb it and divert it from yielding to the common beliefs? Peace be with you.