Letter 15

Thul-Qi’da 1329

I. A Flash of the Truth

1) Your latest letter has been perfect in organization, clear in expression, sweet, great in benefit, easily accessible, vast in sphere, far­sighted, well­supported. I have looked into it keenly, and from among its contents indications of your success have flashed, and signs of your victory shone.

II. Requesting Details on Sunnis Relying on Shi’a Authorities

2) When you stated that Sunnis rely on Shi’as, however, you were very brief. You did not elaborate on your statement in this regard. It would have been better had you mentioned those men by their names and quoted Sunni texts indicating that those men were Shi’as and that they nevertheless relied on them. Could you please provide it so that the flags of truth may be seen and the lights of certainty shine? Peace be with you.