Letter 99

Rabi’ al-Thani 5, 1330 A.H.

I. Their Preference of the Common Interest in Those Instances

1) Anyone endowed with wisdom does not suspect their good intentions, and their preference of the common interest to all other considerations in their conduct regarding those instances. They always thought of what would be the best for this nation and the wisest for its faith, the best for its unity; so, they are not to be blamed for whatever they did, albeit if they followed certain texts or used their own judgment regarding them.

II. Requesting the Rest

2) We had requested you to narrate all the instances, but you have narrated only a few, stating that there are texts regarding the Imam and his progeny (as) besides the ones pertaining to his caliphate which our ancestors did not honour. We wish you had stated them in detail and spared us requesting you again to do so, Wassalam.