Translator's Introduction

Jabal Amil represents a bright mark throughout the history of Lebanon, and despite its limited geographical boundaries, it has occupied a vast area not only in Lebanon but also throughout the history of the whole Muslim East. The land of Jabal has produced tens of knowledge and literary prides, contributing in founding the Islamic civilization.

In view of its belonging to Shi'ism, solid relations have come into existence between Jabal Amil and other knowledge centres in numerous Islamic cities and cultures.

Hence the Amili thought never remained confined in one region or certain country, but set out toward broad horizons, covering an extensive area of the Islamic world, ranging from the small village of "Jizzin" through Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, ending at India.

Al-Shahid Al-Awwal is counted among those peerless personages throughout history, being a vanguard of a novel Fiqhi school. The most remarkable merit distinguishing his humane character is said to be his endeavour for uniting the ranks of Muslims, attempting to mend the fences between the Shi'ah and Sunnah, and to melt the frost amassed between the two sects.

On this path he has cut a great course, creating thus a considerable danger for the rulers, threatening the existence of the influential people among the opportunists and covetous. Therefore a filthy conspiracy was hatched against him, helped by circumstances to succeed in liquidating him in a terrible way, constituting a conviction document against his age.