This booklet was originally published by Peermahomed Ebrahim Trust in Karachi (Pakistan).
Since the booklet has been found useful and interesting, action has been taken to republish the same in order to put as many copies within the reach of people throughout the world.

World Organization for Islamic Services,
P.O. Box: 11365-1545,
Tehran (Iran)

Bismi'llahi'r-Rahmani'r Rahim

Revile not them (the idols) whom they invoke other than Allah, lest they maliciously revile Allah without knowledge. 6:109

There is no compulsion in religion. 2:256

Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and beware, but if ye turn back then know ye all that nothing is incumbent upon Our Messenger but to proclaim. 5:92

Call to the way of the Lord by reasoning and likeable exhortation: and argue with them in a decent manner. 16:125

And hold ye fast by the cord of Allah all together and be not divided (among yourselves). 3:103

Verily: I am Allah there is no god but I, therefore submit to Me and offer prayers to mention Me. 20:14

Recite from the Book revealed to thee and offer prayer. Prayer restrains from filth and evil. And remembrance of Allah is the greatest (thing in life) without doubt and Allah knows what you do. 29:45

O my Son: Offer prayers and enjoy the good and forbid the evil and be patient whatever befalleth thee: for this is firmness in the conduct of affairs. 31:17