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Thank you for your question. Shiism revears the companions of the Prophet (saw) and does not deny the role that they played in establishing the religion of Islam alongside the Prophet (saw), especially those that fought and sacrificed their lives, property and families for the divine cause. At the forefront of those who sacrificed in the way of Islam were the household of the Prophet (saw). But all of the companions (if defined as simply those who saw the Prophet (saw)) did not play the same role. Indeed, among those surrounding the Prophet (saw) were those who were hypocrites, or those that only chose Islam after defeat. Some of them later played a detrimental role to the spread of Islam, by preferring political power over the message of Islam. The protection of the essence of Islam, according to the Shia, was a role carried out by the household of the Prophet (saw) due to their knowledge and merit and it is because of them that the message of Islam was not distorted beyond repair for the Muslim

Community as a whole.

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