Abbas Di Palma, Shaykh Abbas Di Palma holds a BA and an MA degree in Islamic Studies, and certifications from the Language Institute of Damascus University. He has also studied traditional Islamic sciences in... Answer updated 3 years ago

It has been reported in several Islamic sources that the Prophet have said angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog or paintings and sculptures of living beings (humans and animals). These words seems to indicate that keeping a dog in the house is discouraged in Islam but not a prohibition. It has also been reported that there is no problem in having hunting and shepherd dogs. What can be concluded is therefore the permissibility of keeping dogs in gardens or outside home although it is disliked to keep them in the house. Obviously, if the presence of a dog in the house would cause excessive hardships related to hygienic issues or matters of ritual purity, keeping them in the house would become impermissible.

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