Abbas Di Palma, Shaykh Abbas Di Palma holds a BA and an MA degree in Islamic Studies, and certifications from the Language Institute of Damascus University. He has also studied traditional Islamic sciences in... Answered 3 years ago

as salam alaikum

there are scholars who have said that music which is not suitable for gathering of corruption is permissible. However other scholars have said that music is absolutely impermissible and this is the safest opinion and closer to precaution. However there are many Islamic nasheeds that are done without the use of musical instruments and are not classified as "music" which are permissible and a very good reminder of Allah, His prophets and His awlia'. Some may argue that these nasheeds/religious anthems are still to be considered as a type "music"; in such case there would be no problem in the division of music in permissible or impermissible.

With prayers for your success.