Sayyed Mohammad Al-Musawi, Sayyed Mohammad al-Musawi is originally from Iraq and heads up the World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League in London. Other than being involved in various humanitarian projects, he frequently responds to... Answered 1 year ago

Building on the graves of pious people is mentioned in Quran (Those who overcame said we will build on the (graves of People of Cave) a Masjid.) (Sura al-Kahf, Verse 21.

All Muslims believe that building on the graves of the pious is highly recommended, that it why you see the tomb on the grave of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and all the Infallible Imams and famous personalities of all Muslims sects like the tomb on the grave of Abu Hanifa in Baghdad, tomb on the gave of Shaafi'ee in Cairo, tomb on the grave of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal in Baghdad, tomb on the graves of Abdul Qadir Gilani in Baghdad and hundreds of tombs which belong to all Muslim sects except Wahhabism who objected on building on the graves with out any real evidence.