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Allah, The Glorious, (SWT) has rescued him from the mob and raised him to the sky.( Sura 4, verses 157 and 158).

Allah (SWT) has ordained that Prophet Easa (AS) will come back to the earth and support and pray behind Imam Al-Mahdi (AS). This fact has been mentioned in Hadeeths narrated in Shia and Sunni books like :

1. Kaniz al-Ommaal , vol 6, page 30.

2. Yanabee’ al-Mawaddah by Al-Qondoozi al-Hanafi, 469.

3. Saheeh Ibn Hibban.

4. al-Tabaraani in Al-Mo’jam.

5. Hashiyat al-Fathbal-Mubeen.

6. Al-Sawa’q al-Mohriqah. And many other Sunni books.