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Aisha was a mature woman and not a child as some people claim when she got married with Prophet (SAWA). What is famous among our Sunni brothers according to some of their books, that she was seven or nine years old girl. This is among many famous things which have no authentic evidence as it said in Arabic رُبَّ مشهور لا أصلَ له

They wanted to create a virtue for Aisha by claiming that she was very young when she got married to the Prophet (SAWA). This claim of her very young age contradicts with facts mentioned in their own Sunni books which mentioned the age of her sister Asmaa' Bint Abi Bakr who was ten years older than her.

First fact: Asmaa' Bint Abi Bakr was born 27 years before the Bi'thah of the Prophet (The start of Islam). This fact has been mentioned in many prominent Sunni books like:

Mo'jam Al-Zawaa'id , v.9, p.260.

Omdatol Qaari, 2:93.

al-Mo'jam Al-Kabeer by al-Tabaraani , 24:77.

Tareekh Dimishq by Ibn Asaakir 69:9.

Tahtheeb Al-Asmaa',2:593

Osd Al-Ghaabah, 5:392.

al-Isaabah , 8:14.

Second fact: Aisha was ten years younger than her sister Asmaa'. This fact has been mentioned in many Sunni books like : 

al-Estee'aab 2:616

al-Sunan Al-Khubra by Al-Bayhaqi 6:204

Siyar A'laam Al-Nubalaa' 2:295

Tahtheeb Al-Tahtheeb 2:398

Tareekh Al-Islam by al-Thahabi 5:354

al-Bidayah wal Nihayah 8:381
Osd Al-Ghaabah 5:392

These two facts lead to the fact of the age of Aisha. She was born seventeen years before the Bi'thah. The Prophet remained in Makkah for 13 years the migrated to Madinah. This means that Aisha was thirty years old when the prophet migrated to Madina. The marriage took place two years after migration which means that Aisha was thirty two years old when the marriage was consummated.

Many Sunni scholars have rejected the narrations in their own books about the small age of Aisha despite being narrated in Bukhari book. 
Many enemies of Islam have attacked the Prophet because of the claimed very young age of Aisha which is claimed by some Muslims.

'We have authentic evidence as you can read above that Aisha was never a child, but was over thirty years.