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as salam alaikum

yes, there are instances were pious women raised their voices to make their stand clear in front of their opponents like Fatimah al-Zahra and Zaynab bint 'Ali, peace be upon them.

Therefore when a woman's honor and sanctity is violated, boldness and confidence may become a merit. For example, this can happen if she is mocked on the road and she has enough confidence abour her safety and that her bold words would stop the assailant, or at least would give him a lesson or something to ponder about. 

In relation to modesty, the Qur'an says: "O wives of the Prophet! You are like no other women, if you are God-wary, so be not soft in speech least he who carries a disease in his heart should feel tempted and you should speak decent words" (33:32). Here, Allah tells the wives of the Prophet not to soften their speech in presence of other men as they should keep a distance from them and be God-wary.

Obviously different cases call for different answers and wisdom should be applied according to the situation.

With prayers of your success.