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If you feel justified in invoking divine wrath against someone, prayer number 14 in al-Sahifah al-Sajjadiyah ("His supplication when suffering acts of wrongdoing") may suffice, especially when recited regularly until the situation is resolved, and sometimes these du'as also help as a coping mechanism to gain wisdom from difficulty.

Ziyarat Ashura and Dua Alqamah do not hurt in this regard either.

Allah knows best whether death itself is the best manifestation of His justice, as sometimes justice is better served by keeping someone alive for some time. Frequently, Allah delivers justice in a manner which we could not have expected or asked for.

Of course, sometimes someone may wish to pray for someone to die to be free of their tyranny.

It is generally considered bad form to pray for the death of one's biological parents or children, perhaps due to the intimate link, but of course one could pray for other things such as relocation.

Death is guaranteed for all people anyway.