Can someone please suggest me a way out of depression and help me to get closer to my religion?

Can someone please suggest me a way out of depression and help me to get closer to my religion?

I believe that faith is the most important asset in one's life, I realized that not long ago I went into depression due to a job loss and since that I couldn’t focus on anything including my faith. I try to perform all Wajibaats properly but I feel I lost my connection with my faith. I never used to doubt my faith but from last few months, I’m continuously fighting with myself trying to convince myself not to doubt.

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I just wanted to say that I second what Dr Masterton is saying and completely agree! There is a great wisdom in consulting the pre-modern tradition as human beings have suffered from these things for ages and they are not new. 

There is a strong spiritual component to depression (or any serious condition), since the weaker we are, the more dependent we are on Allah - even if, at the same time, we are angry at Allah or Islam.

Doubt, depression, and job loss may or may not be wholly related. It is possible that your current mental state is pushing you to attack your faith. There is no reason to suffer needlessly, and if you prefer not to look into psychological/psychiatric assistance, for mild (non-dangerous) depression, natural remedies often help without having the same side effects of psychiatric medication, and you could consult someone who is a specialist in that, or look into other interventions. However there is no harm in consulting a psychologist or psychiatrist. Sometimes we need help! 

The more healthy and balanced you are, mentally and physically, the better able you are to objectively address questions of faith. Just as no one would ask an Olympic runner to compete with a broken leg, there is no reason to expect someone that is experiencing depression (for whatever reason) or is weakened in some other way will be able to have a clear picture of faith. You need to look after yourself first!

Some Muslims also have the idea that if they do everything in Islam correctly, such as praying on time and avoiding haraam things, then everything else will go smoothly in life. As a result, if disaster strikes, they feel like they have been betrayed and let down - they have done everything "right", so why is God punishing them? 

Of course, this belief is unfounded, since (a) God promises to try the believers, not to make everything easy for them and as they like it, and (b) often God takes things from us out of His wisdom to force us to take another path in life and thereby develop ourselves rather than remain stagnated. (c) Sometimes God takes away from us the things we love most (especially money, social status, and family), because we have unconsciously set them up as idols before God, and this is God's way of challenging whether or not we worship Him or other things.

Change can be painful and some people are more naturally resistant to change than others. Finding a way to accept change and move on may help. 

Life challenges can also help us to re-evaluate aspects of our faith and let go of shallow, false, or unhealthy aspects of our belief to eventually develop a deeper, truer sort of belief. However this can also be an uncomfortable process. For instance, maybe your view of faith may change from "performing wajibaat" as the primary focus to something else. 

This may especially be the case if a person is enjoying a certain amount of social status or identity from their job; that is, if their job is who they are or what make them important to the world, then losing that job is essentially losing their value or identity. It is therefore necessary to look within and find the value that the human being intrinsically has as a creation of Allah.

In any case, I think it is important to be honest when you stand face-to-face before Allah. Allah knows our inside whether or not we are honest with ourselves. And try to find time to personally communicate with Allah and seek guidance. If you doubt Allah, say that to Allah and ask for guidance. Often guidance comes immediately when we seek it!

It is natural to go through times of crisis in life, both personally and spiritually, and I am sure you will emerge from this as a stronger and wiser person. (As, indeed, we gain wisdom throughout our lives!) Just hang in there and do your best to look after yourself, and do not hold back from anything beneficial that may help you.

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