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Bismihi Ta'ala

This noble verse speaks about the exclusivity of divine love, and how as believers we must be infatuated in God's love, and not in anyone or anything else. Love of God is something that can be intensified, based on the effort a believer puts in their relationship with the Almighty. 

There are some people who take equals (not just idols, but other things) to God, and might love them the way they love God. But such love will get them nowhere. A believer is to love God, and does so with intensity. Obedience, worship and true unconditional love is only to Almighty God, and it is this true love that the verse is referring to. Loving God more than anything and anyone else is a sign of true and real faith.

The beginning of the verse it says "among some people," and then it says "those who (truly) believe love the Almighty with intensity, more than anything else. 

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