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The nearness to Imam Zaman (AS) can be achieved by :

1. Living with him all the time, in your heart,so you love him more than you love yourself and your family.

2. Remembering him in practice, that you do not say or act before being sure that he will be happy with your act.

3. Remembering him and saluting him and reciting his Ziyarat, and

continuous prayers for him in our Namaz and after Namaz and in all the situations.

4. Doing good deeds on his behalf like doing good to your parents, relatives and people especially the poor and needy, then gifting the reward to Imam Zaman ( AS),

5. Preparing yourself to be a humble servant of Imam Zaman (AS). This can be practiced now in serving any Momin or any good cause which is in the frame of the teachings of Imam Zaman (AS).

6. Reciting Du'a Al-A'hd every day in which we re confirm out allegiance to Imam Zaman (AS).

7. Reciting Ziyarat Aal Yaseen which has great benefits for us and it makes us more near to him.سلام على آل ياسين

السلام عليك يا داعي الله ورباني اياته