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Mariah al-Qibtiyyah was one of the wives of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his Holy Progeny). She was the only wife who became pregnant from him after Khadijah (as). She was the mother of Ibrahim, the son of the Prophet (pbuh) who was born in Madina.
The Prophet used to love his wife Mariah because she was a very pious believer.
According to many Sunni books narrating from Aisha, that Aisha used to feel jealous from Mariah al-Qibtiyyah.
Al-Hakim al-Nishapuri in his well known book al-Mustadrak narrated from Aisha that she said that "I felt jealous of Mariah when she got a son from the Prophet (pbuh) and I told the Prophet (pbuh) that this child does not look like you." (vol 4, pages 41, 42)
Many other Sunni scholars have narrated the story of the jealously of Aisha and her allegation on Lady Mariah regarding the son of the Prophet (pbuh):
·        Sahih Muslim (pages 1069, 1070)
·        Musnad al-Bazzar (vol 2, page 237)
·        Musannaf Abi Asim (vol 615, hadith nos. 3129, 3130)
·        Ma’rifat al-Sahaba by Ibn Mandah (page 972)
·        Hilyat al-Awliya by Abi Na'eem al-Asfahani (vol 3, pages 177, 178)
·        Tabarani in al-Mu'jam al-Awsat (vol 4, pages 89, 90)
·        Al-Haythami in Majma al-Zawa'id (vol 9, page 161)
All these Sunni books and many other books narrated that Aisha out of the jealousy against Mariah put allegations on her.
No doubt you find in many Sunni books when they mention the verse of the 'Ifk' which is the dangerous lie, they claim that Aisha was the accused wife, but the narration which they mention has many objections even among many Sunni scholars which means that the narration claiming that Aisha was the accused is not authentic at all.
Maraih was the real victim of this allegation but Allah (swt) removed that allegation from her. Jibrael came down and told the Prophet (SAWA), "Ya aba Ibrahim" (Oh father of Ibrahim). Because Aisha claimed that the child Ibrahim does not look like the Prophet (SAWA) and she told her people to say the same but Jibrael came and told the prophet "Oh father of Ibrahim" which refuted the allegation against Mariah.

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