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The narrations claiming that Abu Bakr led the congregational prayers
during the illness of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) is a fabricated
narration. The narrators of it are well-known enemies of Ameerul
Mo’meneen (AS) and even in Sunni books of Ahadith and ‘Elm-al-Rijaal
they are being criticized by lying. The narrations come mainly from
Ayesha bint Abu Bakr, who led a big army (Al-Jamal battle) to fight and to kill Ameerul Mo’meneen (AS). Other narrators like ‘Orwah ibn al Zubair and his son
Hisham ibn ‘Orwah are well-known enemies of Ameerul Mo’meneen (AS).

Among the narrators is ibn Shihab al Zohri, the well-known servant of
the tyrant rulers of bani Omayyah and Abu Burdah who was appointed by
Muwaiyah and he was among those who gave false witness to kill the pious
companion Hijr bin Adai who was killed by Muwaiyah, So, going through
the narrators it is very clear that all them had a negative stand
against Ahlul Bayt (AS).

Besides the unauthentic  narrators, the context of the
narrations itself is doubtful.  If the Holy Prophet (SAWA) had really
asked Abu Bakr to lead the prayers in the Masjid, then why should he
go with his critical health supported by Al Fazl ibn Abbas and Ameerul
Mo’meneen (AS) to the Masjid and drag Abu Bakr back,as it is mentioned
in the authentic Sunni books. In fact the Holy Prophet (SAWA) never
sent Abu Bakr but he came to know that Ayesha sent a message to her
father that the Holy Prophet (SAWA) is unable to lead the prayers so
go and lead the prayers in the Masjid. When the Holy Prophet (SAWA)
came to know, he was so upset and he tolerated with difficulty walking
with support of 2 people to the Masjid and lead the prayers himself after dragging back Abu Bakr who was sent by his daughter Ayesha with out the permission of he Prophet (SAWA) and against his orders as he wanted Ali (AS) to lead the prayers.


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