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Not at all.

All prominent Shia Scholars believe that Quran is intact and never been distorted.
Shia enemies put false allegations on us including in this matter. If they read our books properly, they will see that our faith is that Quran is intact. Sunni books have narrations from Omar that Sura al-Ahzaab was like Sura Baqarah, and from Ayisha that a Quranic chapter was eaten by a pet. These Sunni narrations and any similar narration are rejected by us because we believe that Allah (SWT) has promised to save and protect Quran from any discretion. (Sura Al-Hijr, verse 9).

We do believe that many persons tried and still trying to twist the meaning of some Quranic verses to make it in accordance to their wrong claims, but Qurani'c words are intact.

Shia scholars have written books on this subject confirming our faith in the intact Quran.


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