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Apart from what was said about the sanctions, I don't think we have any solid historical evidence about this.

It is true that there is a popular biography about her that says that after she got married, her priorities changed and she became uninterested in her business. However, the author did not present his source or reference for this, and so it can't be evaluated. 

Some of these popular biographies are not strongly sourced and come across more as guesswork or the author's idea of how these people should have lived. (If someone finds a source, please add it and I will stand corrected!) Even if there is a source, the source might not be correct, but at least we know where something comes from.

Using purely guesswork... often around mid-life, people change their direction or priorities; similarly, after people succeed in one area of life, they sometimes to go another. One could also imagine that childbirth and having a larger family might have changed her direction in life, especially because (according to reports) she was already extremely wealthy and didn't need to work. However, she was also wealthy enough to have servants and didn't need to spend her time on chores or even things like diapers unless she wanted to. And, it is said that she used her wealth in a lot of charitable causes, so that would have been an incentive to continue. These are just my own guesses however.

Anyway, God knows best.

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