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The announcement of Ghadeer took place on 18th Thil Hijjah in the year 10 after Hijra. The Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) passed away on 28 Safdar year 11 after Hijra which is just 70 days after Ghadeer.

The Prophet (SAWA) did celebrate the announcement of  Ghadeer in different ways like : 

1. He asked every Muslim who was present ( men and women) to give allegiance  to Ali (AS) as The master after the Prophet and as Ameerul Mo’mineen.

2. He asked all who were present to convey the message of Ghadeer to those who were not present.

3. The Prophet informed the Ummah that Ghadeer is the greatest Eid in Islam.

4. He celebrated Ghadeer by informing the Muslim Ummah that Islam was never complete but after the announcement of Ghadeer.( Chapter 5, Verse 3).

5. He celebrated Ghadeer by informing Muslim Ummah that fasting the day of Ghadeer has great reward. Even in Sunni books you find this Hadeeth of fasting the 18th of Thil Hijjah ( day of Ghadeer) narrated by Abu Hurayra from the Prophet (Al-Bidayah wal Nihayah, vol 7, Hadeeth Ghadeer Khum).

These are few examples from the Prophetic acts celebrating the greatest announcement of Ghadeer.


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