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The Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) himself declared the names of his Ahlul Bayt who are Aal-e-Mohammad (AS) as Ali, Fatima , Hasan and Husain (AS).

The names of Ahlul Bayt are in many authentic Hadeeths narrated in Shia and Sunni books e.g. Saheeh Muslim , Hadeeth number 4450 narrated from A'ysha that the Prophet covered himself , Ali, Fatima , Hasan and Husain and declared that they are his Ahlul Bayt. It is also mentioned in Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal , Hadeeth number 2903 and in Tirmithi , Hadeeth number 3129, and Sunan al-Kubra by al-Nasaa'ee, Haddeth number 7169, and Sunan al-Kubra by al-Bayhaqi , Hadeeth number 2665 and many other main Sunni books.