Abolfazl Sabouri, Abolfazl Sabouri is based in New Zealand and has an MA in Jurisprudence and Islamic Studies. He is a graduate of Elmiyeh seminary in Qom with more than 15 years of study and research where he has... Answered 3 years ago

In Shia they recite a complete Sura after Friday and they do Qonut in each Raka. It means they raise their hands in front of their faces and pray.

Even their two khootbas a little bit different. In Shia in each khootba they invite to taqwa. In second khootba usually speak about political issues and about Islamic Ummah.

In Sonni they do not have Qonut and they recite part of Sura. 

The Salat of Prophet is not clear. Each group believes they do like Prophet. 

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