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.Bismillah, There is a common phenomenon of women getting married in order to obtain financial benefits. There have been numerous cases of Western Muslim men marrying women from Eastern Muslim countries, only to find out years later, and after having children, that the marriage was a hoax. A common pattern in which these women engage, once the children are more grown up, is to launch a smear campaign against their husband, accusing him of having been abusive and violent. These women manage to recruit the support of the husband's family, friends and community. They isolate the husband almost totally. They then engage the social services, police and council by making false allegations about their husband so that the husband's access to his children is cut off, pretty much forever. The wives can then demand a divorce and a payout, and then apply for housing and welfare , once having rid themselves of the man who was used as a means for them to settle in the West. This is something of which brothers should be well aware, as these cases are numerous. Therefore, I would caution any young man about marrying a woman who does not have the citizenship of his country. He must familiarise himself very well with his potential wife's background. Do not just ask one or two family members about her reputation, but ask her college teachers, friends, and a wide range of relatives. If something does not seem right, but you can't exactly put your finger on what it is, FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS and do not overlook what doesn't seem to sit well. .Secondly: marrying women who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Women who have NPD are also those that engage in fake marriages. They are very convincing in the way that they present themselves to the husband. Study about malignant narcissists and covert narcissists IN DETAIL from lectures on youtube and articles so that you can understand the signs early