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Thank you for your question. There are few things that can completely prepare you for the changes that married life can bring, but the attitude with which both the husband and the wife approach marriage is extremely important. Both should realize that in the same way that they are not perfect, their partner is also not perfect. As both work towards the perfection of their souls and their character, many issues will be solved, and as long as both are humble and caring while maintaining order within the home and responsibility to one another the marriage will be happy. Love in a marriage is something that grows over time and is something that needs to be nurtured. In the same way that a man has physical needs, a woman has emotional needs and as long as both sides are fulfilling the needs of the other marriage has a good chance of working out.

Communication about expectations is also important, and having the patience to work through issues and not separate at the first sign of trouble are also things that a person should be prepared for. 

There is much more wisdom concerning marriage that perhaps some of the other scholars on this forum can elucidate further.

May you always be successful and may you have a happy married life.