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as salam alaikum

attending mosque are a vital part of Muslim lifestyle and its importance has been stressed in both Qur'an and Sunna. A person who live in a place where there are no mosque should try to attend relatives and friends pious and religious, and if it is not possible he should strive to improve his relation with Allah by all means he has at disposal. Praying five times a day with focus and sincerity, learning the Qur'an and religious knowledge may be helpful factors in this regard. Always keep in contact with good Muslims scholars who may guide you along the path even by phone or email if this is the only option available. Organizing events and projects for non-Muslims is also a good idea while aiming at slowly build a growing local Muslim community. This not only will keep your faith strong insh'Allah but invite other to the path of religion and righteousness.

With prayers for your success.