Zaid Alsalami, Shaykh Dr Zaid Alsalami is an Iraqi born scholar, raised in Australia. He obtained a BA from Al-Mustafa University, Qom, and an MA from the Islamic College in London. He also obtained a PhD from... Answered 3 years ago

Bismihi ta'ala

Divorce itself is emotionally draining, let alone being a single parent and trying to make ends meet. As Muslims, we believe that when we are distraught and mentally exhausted we turn to the Almighty for strength and motivation. Allah ta'ala puts us through difficult tests to allow us to evaluate our level of faith and how strong we are. 

If we were to put our mind to something, we would certainly be able to achieve it. This is why in such situations the best thing would have been for you to focus more on your spiritual improvement and empowering through connection with God.

Prayer would have improved your situation and your mental state-of-being. As you did not pray during those years, it is obligatory for you to perform them, as Qadha'. Hopefully we will all be able to value such a blessed opportunity of praying and building a relationship with the Almighty, becoming inspired and empowered.