Zoheir Ali Esmail, Shaykh Zoheir Ali Esmail has a Bsc in Accounting and Finance from the LSE in London, and an MA in Islamic Studies from Middlesex University. He studied Arabic at Damascus University and holds a PhD... Answered 1 year ago


Thank you for your question. Strengthening faith is a journey of developing useful knowledge and continuous sincere practice. In our traditions there are 10 levels of faith and so it is important for each person to continue developing their faith so that our faith becomes stronger and stronger and we progress through these levels. Knowledge of God enables us to have faith and as that knowledge increases so does our faith. At the same time, faith is a characteristic of the heart so through the light of worship and good deeds, the light of faith within becomes stronger and that is linked to the knowledge of God which is innate on the one hand, and benefits from learning from the sources of religion on the other.

May you always be successful.