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Insofar as you aren't obsessing over your dreams and you are not doing anything unwise or harmful because of a dream, it doesn't hurt to go with your gut feeling, especially if the dream is saying something useful or beneficial (such as advice or a warning). Oftentimes we have a sense of what has meaning and what doesn't. Time uncovers the truth about many things. 

Even "true dreams" are understood through the imagination because the brain understands things symbolically. 

Also it is good to keep in mind that even if there are some things in dreams that are correct, sometimes they don't happen when we expect. For instance a person might have a dream that something will happen in November, they will wait and it won't happen, then it will happen the next year in November. And also it is good to remember that fate and destiny are all in Allah's hands, and we can never be sure what is fixed and absolutely fated to happen and what isn't. So it is not good to put all our expectations in dreams; at the same times, sometimes we are given information that is helpful for us especially during times of change or challenging times. 

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