Mahmood Abu Maryam, Trying to make sense of it all... Answered 3 years ago

The Prophets of God were divinely appointed and tasked with bringing people to the path of righteousness, honesty and integrity.  They were not known to be manipualtive or believe that the end justifies the means as is common in politics.

A good example is that of Prophet Yusuf (a) who suffered from the consequences of the cunning conduct of some women of Egypt.

So when he saw that his shirt was torn from behind, he said, ‘This is [a case] of you women’s guile! Your guile is indeed great! (Surah Yusuf, Verse 28)

The way he dealt with that trial is exemplary. Later, when he acquired political power, he continued to exhibit the just and righteous conduct that was suitable for a Divinely appointed leader.

There is a really well-made multi-episode TV serial on the life of Prophet Yusuf (a) that I would recommend you watch.