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Thank you for your question. The truth is that you can never fully know. Marriage means sharing a life path and many times that path has many unforeseen twists and turns. You won't be the same person 10 years from now and neither will your spouse. In all honesty we just make an educated guess, a leap of faith, we stack our chips and put the rest in Allah's hands. The reasons behind why marriage is like this is a mixture of modern attitudes and culture. Finding love is a process of growing together rather than finding a finished product. Everyone has faults and makes mistakes. There are certain qualities to look for but its only after going past the surface that you will get a picture of who you have really chosen. Some things will be as expected others will be disappointing but some things will be a pleasant surprise. Some problems will be your own doing and some successes will be unintentional. In the majority of cases marriage will work out will a good attitude, commitment, kindness, respect, giving each other space, showing love, and common goals. 

May you always be successful