Zoheir Ali Esmail, Shaykh Zoheir Ali Esmail has a Bsc in Accounting and Finance from the LSE in London, and an MA in Islamic Studies from Middlesex University. He studied Arabic at Damascus University and holds a PhD... Answered 2 years ago


Thank you for your question. A person can fulfill many conditions that enable them to pursue the path of irfan when they find a teacher. Some of the most important conditions are to work upon their character, their sincerity and their knowledge of Islam. They should pray ardently for guidance and for Allah to provide them with a teacher who is of His real friends and seek someone reliable, making research into the signs of a qualified teacher as many seek to abuse a position of spiritual authority. Therefore it is not wise to rush, but at the same time many people need to actively seek. When the time is right Allah will guide them to their teacher and the signs of that will be clear from both the teacher's relationship with Allah, the Infallibles (as), the progression of the wayfarer and the teachers conduct.

May you always be successful