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Holy Prophet (SAWA) had three sons, two of whom Al Qasim and Abdullah
were from Lady Khadijah (AS) and the third, Ibrahim, was from Lady
Maria Al- Qibtiyyah. All of them passed away during childhood. Al
Qasim and Abdullah passed away in Makkah and Ibrahim passed away in
Madinah. The Holy Prophet (SAWA) was survived by his only one biological daughter from Lady Khadijah (AS) who is the greatest woman of all times, Lady Fatimah (SA). He also had three fostered daughters, Ruqayyah, born 20 years before
Hijrah and passed away in the 2nd year after Hijrah ; Zaynab, who was
born 23 years before Hijrah and dies 8 years after Hijrah and Umm
Kulthum who was born 19 years before Hijrah and passed away in the 9th
year after Hijrah. These three fostered daughters are mentioned in the
books of history as daughters of A’atiqa bint Khowailid, the
sister of Lady Khadijah (AS). Lady Khadijah (AS) and the Holy Prophet
(SAWA) looked after them and brought them up as fostered daughters and
that is why they were known as daughters of the Holy Prophet (SAWA)
according to the Arab culture who called the fostered children as sons
and daughters like calling Zaid who was a fostered son of the Prophet (SAWA) yet he was called as Zaid Ibn Muhammad (SAWA).(son of Mohammad).