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Thank you for your question. Although it is quite difficult to answer this question over the internet and with limited knowledge of your situation, it is quite natural for a lady of your age to be interested in marriage. As such you can try to broach the subject generally with your father in a soft manner and gauge his reactions. If you feel like it would be hard to speak to him, then perhaps speak to some of your other family members to speak to him about the subject, generally at first and then once he is used to the idea then more specifically. Your parents have your best interests at heart and it is important to consult with them as marriage is a major decision for which you need their help and guidance. If they do not approve of your choice and they have good reason not to approve, then you should consider that carefully. At the same time, most parents, in the end, will allow you to make your own choices, even if sometimes they are not completely happy with them.

May you always be successful