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Also, some other good ways to learn about Islam are:

* Reading the Qur'an. I recommend The Study Quran by S. H. Nasr. (You may wish to skip the commentary as the commentary is long but the Quran is not too long)

* Reading books about Islam (whatever is of interest)

* Watching videos about Islam. The Youtube channel called Ahlulbayt Tv has good quality videos. 

* Sometimes it is nice to see how individuals understand their own faith. There is a nice book called Muslims of the World: Portraits and Stories which talks about different Muslims and their lives and how that relates to their faith; it also has a lot of nice pictures.

* If you end up having a strong interest in religion, you could always pursue courses in religious studies at the university (either as a major or just something to do on the side) or, if you are in a country where you have A-levels, during A-levels.

Learning about Islam, or any other religion, does not require you to give up your own religion, although it is always good to continually reflect on what is true!

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