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Asalamu Alaykom 

Firstly I commend you for trying to keep up  your Salah while working in an environment which can be difficult and limited in space. 

If you are shia Muslim, washing the feet isn't needed; one simply needs to wipe the feet which can be easily done while sitting in a bathroom. Also wearing make up for women in front of non mahram men is not permissible according to most ulema and the make up should not be that which would block one's wudu by preventing water reaching the skin. It could be possible one makes wudu before applying make up however this could be difficult to hold until Salah time. 

Also it's possible to delay your Salah until landing if it wouldn't become qada if that would be easier. In some cases, you could wait to pray once you reach a prayer of hotel room. 

May Allah grant you success