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Drinking human urine is definitely forbidden (Haraam) because it is Najis (impure) and consuming any Najis (impure) item is absolutely Haraam. 

There is no question of drinking your own urine for medical reasons, because it is Najis and no cure can come from Najis item as the Hadeeth states ( Allah The Glorious never puts cure in anything which has been forbidden by Him).

Drinking the urine of camels is mentioned in many Sunni books like Bukhari, ( Vol.1, Page 62,

Ibn Maajah 2/1158,

Tirmithi 3/184,

Mussannaf Ibn Abi Shaibah 5/455,  etc.

It is also mentioned in some Shia books with the condition of medical need.

It must be noted that camels’ urine is not Najis, because of the fact that the urine of any animal which is allowed to be eaten by us (Halal) is not Najis.