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Respect and admiration for one's spouse is a cornerstone of a healthy marriage and relationship. If you find that your respect for your husband has disappeared or is dwindling, then know that this is a normal struggle that the majority of married couples face. However, you both must address it, because if you don't it will get worse. Asking here is a great first step. No marriage is perfect and will require work and effort on both of your parts. A good marriage requires complete investment from both parties and communication. A book that I would highly recommend reading is "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" by John Gottman. The second item he discusses is fostering admiration for your partner, and he gives many practical tips in it to do so. Please note that this book is authored by a non-Muslim and his views should be taken with that in mind.

You may also want to try marital counseling. Sometimes, speaking with a trusted third-party can help navigate some of these issues which can be jarring when alone, and easier with the help of someone more experienced who has helped couples through similar issues.

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