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There are many paths to spirituality and 'irfan; the one you are faced with is not the only one. It might work out for you, or it might not. If it doesn't, inshallah you will find a different path that is more suitable for you.

It is not possible to say from your question whether this specific 'irfani path, or 'irfan in general, will lead you to hell or not. Many things can lead people to hell. It often depends on what we do with them. Only Allah knows the end of all things, although it is sometimes obvious when someone is going down a slippery slope and a wrong path.

The only thing that is for sure is that when a person is certain they are guaranteed paradise, that person is in danger of hell.

Although I am sure you have done so already, I would recommend sincerely praying for guidance. If you are an Ithna Ashari Shi'i, or even if not, you could also write an ariza to Imam al-Zaman (A) asking for guidance specifically on how this path would affect your afterlife. You could also consult istikhara for guidance. 

This is of course in addition to keeping your two eyes open. (Or, in this case, three or four eyes, if one counts the inner and the outer eyes.)

Wishing you the best!

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