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Bismihi ta'ala

Spirituality is a fundamental component of our lives as Muslims. As Shi'a Muslims, we are blessed with the Imams of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.), who were the most spiritual of people, after the beloved Prophet (s.a.w.).

It is for this reason that we practice our faith in the best way, and by doing so, we will become spiritual. Spirituality does not mean doing certain peculiar things, or joining some fringe group, or reading tarot cards.

All we need to do initially is perform our wajibaat, and stay away from muharramaat.

Irfan is a very good field to learn about, and you will certainly pick up on some good positive points that can assist you on a practical level.

Venturing into these areas without correct guidance and solid background knowledge could lead to unforeseen deviation. 

I should not say could. I should say most certainly. You must not be deceived by appearances, or claims, or picking up on "powers". The yogi masters who are not even Muslim have astonishing powers. 


1. Consult with your local qualified mainstream scholar that you and your family trust. 

2. Do not brush away or ignore any red flags you must see in the individual/s you are interacting with. Be ready to disassociate yourself with them if they are not pursuing the right method and they could be a "cult" in disguise. 

3. Read books in this field, and learn on a theoretic level. Try to satisfy your urge through this, and you will also become more educated and know what this is all about. Just be careful and cautious with the information. 

4. Turn to Ahlul Bayt (a.s.). They are the source of true and genuine Irfan. Their Irfan will lead you directly to heaven.

5. Always stay mainstream, and adopt a moderate life in line of the views and conduct of a Mainstream Marja' taqleed (or mainstream Mufti if you are Sunni), who is going to be the authority you align yourself with.

With prayers for your success. 

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