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1. Enemies of Allah (SWT) will remain in hellfire forever as we read in Quran, Sura 41, Verse 28: That is the recommence of the enemies of Allah; the Fire, therein will be for them the eternal place, a recommence for that they used to deny Our signs. 
2. Those sinners who believed in Allah but disobeyed Him and insisted on sins and did not seek forgiveness till death, will be punished for their sins for periods depending on their sins. It is not a matter of minutes of hours but it can be years , decades or even hundreds of years.

3. Can any human being tolerate being inside big fire for a minute? What if it is for years and years which can reach to centuries? Those who think that committing sinful acts are easy, should ask themselves how much can they tolerate hellfire? may Allah (SWT) protect us from it.

4. We beg to Allah, The Most Merciful , The Best Forgiver, to protect us from any sin and forgive our previous sins and save us from the punishment of Hellfire. Allah (SWT) says in Quran about the servants of Allah : They supplicate to Allah: Our Lord, Avert from us the torment of Jahannam (Hell), verily, it's torment is unbearable. Sura 25, Verse 65.


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