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It is not impossible but it is deeply, deeply unlikely. Unless you have a specific reason to think this is the case, it is better to focus on other explanations since it is easy to get paranoid about jinn doing things. How often do jinn get blamed for the acts of men! 

You should look around very carefully since things do sometimes get misplaced and also ask around where you live. Also, do not underestimate the capability of the human being for thievery. Human beings have much more use for your mobile phones and watches than jinn, as, last time I checked, no one has sighted any jinn wearing watches or using mobile phones.

However if you wished to genuinely pursue this, you would have to try to find out what happened and take it from there. Eg if a person who lives with you takes something, you can sometimes get it back by asking. If someone living in another country sneaks in, steals something, and sells it on eBay, it is a different case. This is not any different. How similar are the creations of Allah to one another!

However I still think that human beings are responsible here. 

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